We knew the time would end, our time together every day, “thanks” to Covid lockdowns. That time has indeed ended. Tom is back at work at the office and I am home, editing and writing. It’s not a bad life. In fact, it is a marvelous life.

But, I just don’t love being alone all day.

What am I saying? I’m not alone! I have this glorious creature by my side, the reason I rise from my seat and get outside twice or three times a day. My heart’s empath, my constant companion. Three cheers for Sydney!

Tom and I laugh about our different personalities. Given our druthers, he’d live among a crowd of friends and family, sharing every hour with loved ones. Me, I am more content with fewer people. He wants a city, I want a ranch. Give me animals and I am content.

So, truly, our careers match our needs: he is out and about and interacting with folks on a daily basis. I communicate through my computer, either editing and writing or chatting with friends and loved ones. I do need the daily dose of human interaction, though. Which was why lockdown was so easy for me: I got to be with my main squeeze day in and day out.

And now, I readjust to life before Covid, as when in Canada and Brazil, and even in San Diego, when it was just me and the dogs. Here, living in an isolated apartment compound, it will be a bit trickier finding ways to interact with others. But I’m not complaining: I have all of this free time to write! An author’s dream.

Still, I know that I’m not completely happy as a hermit. That’s good news. And once our car arrives, I can get out and about as I please, if I please. I’ll get involved as I did in Brazil, too, and have already applied to join the International Women’s Association of Bucharest. Plus, I’ll look for a book club or something. Just a little social outlet that I can tap into. (Tennis would be ideal…) In Brazil, the International Newcomer club was a great outlet for socializing, making new friends, and reaching out to the community through charitable works.

So, I know I’ll plug into the community soon and find ways to contribute in our new country. Until then, it’s just you and me, kid.