Tossing off the Bowlines

A Journal of Travel and Discovery


Ann Aubrey Hanson is a freelance author and editor who has been in the writing business for twenty-plus years. Originally an Army Brat, then static in San Diego for 28 years, she now finds herself setting sail on the winds of chance and the seas of opportunity, along with her husband of 27 years. This blog will feature her reflections on her new discoveries in uncharted (for her) territories.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Ann,

    I´ve just read your lovely article on gringoes where you describe with such perfection the feeling of being a foreinger and not speaking the language.
    As a Portuguese as a foreign language teacher I see this delightful process you are going through every single day with my own students.
    What is mostly gratifying in teaching foreigners is exactly the oportunity to see how much they gain in self-confidence and self-esteem.
    Actually their lives turn upside down as they learn the language.

    Congratulations and carry on learning this wonderful language which is Portuguese,
    best regards,

    Celisa Canto


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